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Game Bushido was on scene at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2011 where Immerz was demonstrating its KOR-fx peripheral. We interviewed Jared Balter, Product Manager at Immerz, and gave the KOR-fx a whirl. ... Read More »
Hey guys, a cure for cancer was actually discovered! Better yet, it's really cheap to manufacture, simple to administer, and doesn't even require rare components! So what are Missouri's university researchers busy with at the moment? Attempting to prove that video games make people violent. Again. ... Read More »
The latest rumors had been gaining a lot of steam, what with various studios claiming to have development kits in possession. Guess what? Turns out it's actually looking to be real for once! ... Read More »
An American congressman attempts to force games to carry warning labels not unlike those found on cigarette packages, so what do I do? I write a long text about how ridiculous that is, of course. Make sure to read the comments to see how I argue that games most definitely are a form of art. Lots of complaining and lots to think about! ... Read More »
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