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Pit's new adventure is looking pretty good so far, but how much does it really offer? More than I thought, apparently! ... Read More »
Playing as cap-less Super Mario takes 1110 lives. Wanna get there in minutes? ... Read More »
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was released 10 years ago. Being that the core concept behind it was "meme", it only makes sense to take another look at the game a decade later. ... Read More »
A trailer was released several months ago to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PSO and to announce a sequel. Finally, not only do we get to see more than just a logo, there's also actual gameplay! ... Read More »
Game Bushido's first unboxing video! Watch as my co-host/webmaster/soulmate and I unpackage both color variations of the just-released Nintendo 3DS handheld! We also take a close look at its design and operating system, so don't mind the long runtime. ... Read More »
What's the Samurai of Gaming's opinion? ... Read More »
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