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Pit's new adventure is looking pretty good so far, but how much does it really offer? More than I thought, apparently! ... Read More »
Here are a few recent changes... ... Read More »
Game Bushido was on scene at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2011 where Immerz was demonstrating its KOR-fx peripheral. We interviewed Jared Balter, Product Manager at Immerz, and gave the KOR-fx a whirl. ... Read More »
You may have noticed a small change on Game Bushido, like for instance the fact that it looks entirely different now. Then again, you could be blind, so if that's the case, then just take my word for it: It's very different. Also, new stuff is on the horizon! ... Read More »
Game Bushido's first unboxing video! Watch as my co-host/webmaster/soulmate and I unpackage both color variations of the just-released Nintendo 3DS handheld! We also take a close look at its design and operating system, so don't mind the long runtime. ... Read More »

Following the DARPA chief’s mysterious death, we venture ever deeper within the facility in search of answers. What is really happening on Shadow Moses Island? Time to locate the president of ArmsTech, Kenneth Baker.

I am once again joined by Kojichan (Crystal McNair) as we infiltrate the disposal facility and delve into into the conspiracy of Shadow Moses Island. Might as well get a few laughs out of the game while we’re at it, don’t you think?

(Originally posted on on November 23rd, 2009)

I’m joined by my beloved Kojichan as we perform a Let’s Play and a Riff (a Riff-Play) of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for Nintendo GameCube.

(Originally posted on on November 16th, 2009)

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