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At the time of this writing, Japan was hit by an enormous earthquake mere hours ago and is currently dealing with a severe tsunami as a result. From what I hear, the earthquake reached a magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale and is the fifth most powerful one to have taken place ever since we have started recording them. Regarding the tsunami, waves are said to reach heights of 10 meters in certain areas; entire cities have been engulfed. What’s more, at least thirteen aftershocks have occurred since. As for casualties, numbers are still unclear and it’s still

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Comme je suis journaliste pour GameFocus, j’ai eu le privilège de recevoir et d’écrire un article sur Vanquish. GameFocus est le plus grand site de jeux vidéo au Canada, étant divisé en deux sections: Français et Anglais. Bien que je sois engagé du côté Anglais, j’ai reçu un requête pour traduire mon texte pour la section Française.

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