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UPDATE: There has been an update in this story, and new information has been added to the end of the story.

 Black Pro bundle Nintendo  Wii-U system

With the massively successful release of Nintendo’s newest HD video game console, the Wii-U, there were bound to be issues right out of the gate. As with most new console launches, you can typically expect minor glitches and hiccups relating to system availability and initial setup. Though the Wii-U is having a bit of a tough time especially with the highly praised Nintendo Land…

Right off the bat, the initial day-one huge update for the system created a long wait time as tens of thousands of Wii-U’s all started downloading an approximate 1.5GB sized system update, bogging down the servers causing slow download speeds. Afterward the Miiverse was also not letting users sign in as it’s servers were also overloaded. The latest Assassin’s Creed game in the franchise also suffers from this with their online multiplayer sessions timing out.

 Nintendo Wii to Wii-U system transfer
 Nintendo Wii Shop Channel

Players trying to use the new Wii system transfer are also met with errors. Connecting to the Wii Shop Channel ends up with an “Error 204965″ which Nintendo’s support site claims you should try reinitializing a network connection, or the Shop Channel is unavailable for the time. It’s safe to assume it is also suffering from overwhelming demand.

 Nintendo 3DS eShop

Surprisingly the Nintendo 3DS eShop is also vulnerable and refusing service with it’s own error message.

Server time outs, error messages and now even the new Nintendo Land is having issues right now. If you spend a bit of time in there while you have an internet connection, the game actually crashes the system and creates a loud buzzing noise heard both through the TV and the Wii-U game pad. The Wii-U can only be turned off by unplugging the power cord from behind (no power switch, or hold power down option Nintendo?)

 Nintendo Land box

Seems like Nintendo’s servers are just too overwhelmed with how popular the new system is that it can’t keep up! Nintendo Land’s Miiverse Community page is currently being flooded by complaints of others not able to play the game without the system dying. A user on the Community page has mentioned that he was told that there would be an update fix next week, however this is unconfirmed at the present time.

Here’s hoping this is just some growing pains the new system is going through and not a warning of things to come.

UPDATE: According to the Official Nintendo Tech Forums, dozens of other players are also encountering this error.

Initial speculation about the crashes has led others to believe it was the Wii-U system overheating or not receiving enough air circulation. While it is a good idea to keep any game console in a well ventilated and cool area, this didn’t seem to be the case as the Wii-U was still only getting slightly warm to the touch as it does from normal use.

Multiple users have tried various “fixes” such as leaving the system turned off for an extended period of time, physically deleting an existing Nintendo Land patch and letting the system re-download the patch, disabling the internet connection from the system utilities and even changing the language options in the Miiverse to strictly English as it could have been an Encoding error from users from other countries.

However this seems to go a bit against what Nintendo was aiming for in trying to connect players from all over the world together, and have a system that is the center for entertainment in the home.

Official Nintendo Reps weren’t present to neither confirm nor deny the reasoning behind the networking issues, but talking with Nintendo Support has mentioned that a large update is coming in December that encompasses a broad spectrum of fixes and patches.

Although, that said, it has been about 12 hours since the original posting of this article, and network activities on the Wii-U console (as well as other Nintendo online services such as the Wii Shop Channel and the Nintendo 3DS eShop) are now all functioning without error, and Nintendo Land has not yet crashed.

Perhaps the madness that was Black Friday caused a surge of new players to the Wii-U and Nintendo Land, had caused a server overload, and it has now settled down since overnight? For all I know, we may be treated to more connectivity problems later on in the day, so hold tight!

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