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You may have noticed a small change on Game Bushido, like for instance the fact that it looks entirely different now. Then again, you could be blind, so if that’s the case, then just take my word for it: It’s very different.

Hope you all enjoy the new look of the website! A few more changes and tweaks will be made in the near future, like a side bar with sharing functions, but it’s otherwise pretty much complete. I’d like to give my infinite thanks to Crystal McNair, my beloved webmistress and soul mate, for all the time and effort she put into building the new website design!

Expect a review of Dynasty Warriors 7 within the next couple of days, to be followed by Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, Warriors: Legends of Troy, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, the next part of the NES 25th Anniversary Retrospective and lots more!

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