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So, as you can probably guess, Game Bushido is constantly going through changes and fixes and whatnot. Our lovely webmistress Crystal McNair of CrystalFyre Entertainment has been making lots of changes in the background, and combined with updates, this has been making the site better and better! Here are a few recent changes:

  • The slideshow on the main page has had issues ever since it was put in place, causing images to load infinitely and therefore, well, not load at all. That has now been fixed.
  • Major updates and changes regarding our sharing functions have unfortunately resulted in all share counters (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) being reset.
  • Facebook sharing buttons have been replaced; new ‘Like’ buttons have been put in place instead, including one on the front page (right side) that gives users the ability to ‘Like’ the Game Bushido page on Facebook.
  • Page link structures have been updated to include the year as part of the URL. It should take care of an issue with Google putting emphasis on website URLs featuring numbers.
  • The tag cloud at the bottom right of the main page has been redesigned entirely; it is now a rotating sphere comprised of common tags.
  • The Facebook button (the big square one made to look like brush strokes) has finally been fixed. Previously, it linked to my personal page; a big mistake seeing as I don’t add people I don’t personally know. It now links to the actual Game Bushido page on Facebook.
  • Google+ and Digg buttons have been added to pages.

Please be sure to let us know if anything at all isn’t working on the website!

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