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It’s hard to believe that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, one of Konami’s flagship titles demonstrating the power of Sony’s PlayStation 2 console early on, has just turned 10 years old. Whether you love the game for its “Tactical Espionage Action” approach to the stealth genre and its intricately mind-blowing story, or still hold a grudge against it for largely switching protagonists and an at times confusing plot, I think it’s fair to say that MGS2 has left an impact on all those who’ve experienced it.

Put together by Ravi Singh, owner of The Snake Soup, “The Reality of Metal Gear Solid 2″ is a short documentary that takes a look at today’s subject a decade later, recalling the various subjects and concepts discussed within its rich narrative, creator Hideo Kojima’s intentions during development, and examining the deeper aspects of the legacy this important part of gaming history has left behind.

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