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After reading a review of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles last night, I happened upon a link to, where a delicious article was waiting for me.

In case you weren’t aware, virtually every time that Koei (now Tecmo Koei) releases a new game in one of its various Warriors series, it gets panned by most critics and reviewers. Incidentally, the exact opposite happens when they’re reviewed in their homeland of Japan! Why is that, and how can opinions be so widely different? I didn’t write the following text, but man I wish I did! Several aspects are covered in it, from historical interest to gameplay mechanics. Here’s an excerpt:

The historical context is important. The Sengoku period (warring states) of Japan was responsible for a great deal of Japanese development. At the end of the era, when the dust from the near incessant fighting finished, the warlord who effectively took control of Japan, Ieyasu Tokugawa, closed Japans boarders, effectively creating the isolationist culture that still exists to an extent today. [...] Anyone who has tried to play a Warriors game on a higher difficulty setting would know this, but it’s a consistent mistake that the Western press make to claim button mashing will get you through these games. Yes, you can button mash through the easier difficulty levels, and while you will be hitting a lot of buttons very quickly, on the higher difficulty levels you’ll also need to understand how the various combos work, how to make most effective use of them, and you will need to be able to block, dodge and have a counterattack strategy.

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