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Finally got a temporary Internet connection today, just in time to catch the second half or so of Sony’s E3 conference. From what I hear, pretty much all I missed was more Move crap, so no loss there!

Here’s the news:

  • PlayStation-brand TV being released; only 24″, but supports 3D (naturally) similar to that of the 3DS which can also be used to project multi-player footage without splitting the screen. Gimmick or not, it’s still a pretty ingenious use for 3D technology.
  • PS3 games announced weren’t that surprising (not that they were bad), but it seems that the immense storage available on Blu-ray Discs is finally being put to good use as some games will be packaged with entire older games on disc. The new Battlefield will for example come with Battlefield 2049, while Bioshock Infinite will feature the original Bioshock (sounds like a good deal!).
  • The NGP’s final name was finally revealed (in other news, Neo-Geo Pocket interest has recently gone up). The official name of Sony’s new portable is PS Vita, which stands for “life”.
  • Not a whole lot of original games announced for Vita; most are either ports or quasi-ports.
  • Previously announced features for the Vita appear to be the same. Nothing added or taken out.
  • Confirmation of two different models: Wi-Fi only and 3G + Wi-Fi. The 3G model will use AT&T’s service, at least in the US.
  • Announced retail price for the PS Vita: 250 USD, 250 Euro, 25,000 Yen for the Wi-Fi only model. 300 USD, 300 Euro, 30,000 Yen for the 3G model.

Sony’s conference wasn’t bad at all; certainly nothing comparable to the crap we’ve seen before. That said, it also wasn’t anything too interesting, if only because there wasn’t much of anything new. Having more confirmed information regarding the NGP PS Vita is nice, but the gist of Sony’s conference can be summed up as “We’re sticking to our plan.” Still, I’m impressed they managed to give the Vita an affordable price and applaud them for it!

Tomorrow is Nintendo’s conference, which I’ll also sum up right here on so stick around!

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