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I like it quite a bit! Yes, it is kinda cheap in that it reuses footage from the original Samurai Warriors 3, but that’s to be expected from an Xtreme Legends / Moushouden game. The bits they did add are pretty neat though, and I particularly like that celshaded effect.

That said, I still question Gracia’s return when even Musashi and Kojiro are still missing. I understand that they don’t fit into the story’s time period, but how is Gracia more fit to be in the game than those two icons of feudal Japan? According to a good friend of mine at Tecmo Koei, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles on 3DS will also omit them while retaining the rest of cast, including Gracia. Go figure! Ah well… Maybe in Samurai Warriors: Chronicles: Xtreme Legends: Electric Boogaloo: The Revenge?

(Big thanks to wonderpierrot, who’s always a great source for Warriors videos.)

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