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Look, I’m all for expanding gaming possibilities and allowing more people to enjoy video games. After all, it may be the only way that average people may start thinking of them as a serious medium and more than just a way to keep children quiet. But that stuff up there? That accomplishes nothing. It’s not even on the same level as a generic regurgitated FPS. It’s not clever, nor is it a technological advancement, a breakthrough in gameplay, storytelling or even graphics. It’s basically going back to the infamous mini-game collections that were rampant during the Nintendo Wii’s early days, except with the added benefit of sticking a Wii Remote down your ass crack. Something tells me that is most certainly not helping the advancement of gaming as an art form.

So what is the purpose of We Dare then, and who does it appeal to? From that trailer, all I can gather is that it’s a tool used for giving very open couples a reason to slap each others’ butts.

And this is from the same once genius company that brought us Rayman, the Prince of Persia trilogy, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed. Disappointing.

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