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As of the time of writing this article, SEGA just released a teaser trailer for a new Sonic game mere moments ago! Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out right below this article!

Besides the now cliché references to the classic Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, the obvious selling point of the trailer is this:


Yes, that is indeed the classic Sonic from the 16-bit era right there, along with the new Sonic! SEGA hasn’t given us any details yet, but the name “Sonic Generations” was recently trademarked and it sure seems like it’d be an appropriate name. As for the game itself, it’s up in the air exactly what it’s all about, but the trailer does indicate releases on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Now that they’re bringing back the original cool dude with the ‘tude, hopefully it’s not for something stupid like a rebranded Sonic 4 (which is already pretty much a rebranded Sonic Rush).


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