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Game Bushido's first unboxing video! Watch as my co-host/webmaster/soulmate and I unpackage both color variations of the just-released Nintendo 3DS handheld! We also take a close look at its design and operating system, so don't mind the long runtime. ... Read More »
The following is a reply to a most interesting article found on written by Oregano. I agree with the original post but felt like adding more to it. ... Read More »

I’ve reviewed and talked about several games made by Tecmo Koei within the past year or so (my review of the Japanese release of Samurai Warriors 3 predates the creation of this site). With that in mind, it seems appropriate that the company will be the first one to officially provide Game Bushido with review copies!

Indeed, I’ve had the joy of discussing with a very helpful PR from Tecmo Koei (whom I wish to thank for putting up with all my emails!) The result is that a few of their games are making their way to GB for

... Read More »
After reading a review of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles last night, I happened upon a link to, where a delicious article was waiting for me. I didn't write the following text, but man I wish I did! ... Read More »

At the time of this writing, Japan was hit by an enormous earthquake mere hours ago and is currently dealing with a severe tsunami as a result. From what I hear, the earthquake reached a magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale and is the fifth most powerful one to have taken place ever since we have started recording them. Regarding the tsunami, waves are said to reach heights of 10 meters in certain areas; entire cities have been engulfed. What’s more, at least thirteen aftershocks have occurred since. As for casualties, numbers are still unclear and it’s still

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