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I'm generally a tolerant guy, but one thing I'm apparently intolerant of is lactose. Another thing? Medicine that has side-effects far worse than those they're preventing, like Lactaid. Read on to find out what happened on my cramp-filled adventure! ... Read More »
An American congressman attempts to force games to carry warning labels not unlike those found on cigarette packages, so what do I do? I write a long text about how ridiculous that is, of course. Make sure to read the comments to see how I argue that games most definitely are a form of art. Lots of complaining and lots to think about! ... Read More »
I was at the mall the other day, randomly browsing a certain video game store. I wasn't expecting to find much of anything, which is precisely how things usually go, but the store had a surprise in store (wah-wah-waaah) for me. Sitting beside the counter and strangely out of the clerks' sight were two big boxes holding the above: Official Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom arcade sticks! It's kinda funny actually, since I'd been looking to get a couple of arcade sticks for a while as part of a future project. Was it a sign of destiny? As much as I hate to admit it, I am superstitious. Then again, I also immediately became skeptical when I saw the familiar MadCatz logo... ... Read More »
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