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Miyamoto, of the non-Musashi kind


The Nintendo 3DS is right around the corner, and what do we know so far?

  1. Despite its similar name, it’s not a new revision of the Nintendo DS; it is actually the next generation of portable systems
  2. It adds a much needed analog stick in the form of a “slide pad”
  3. It is completely backwards compatible with Nintendo DS games
  4. It retains features from the DS, including two screens, one of them being tactile, as well as a microphone and cameras
  5. It adds 3D graphics without the need for glasses thanks to parallax barrier technology
  6. It has to ability to take pictures and videos in 3D
  7. It also includes motion and angle sensing
  8. Its graphical power at least matches the Wii’s, but is actually closer to the 360′s on a lower resolution
  9. First and third party support is already enormous, and the list of announced games for it is already looking stellar
  10. On top of that, a Virtual Console service featuring downloadable retro portable games will be available
  11. Games can be installed onto the system
  12. More emphasis will be put on connectivity
  13. I like the number thirteen

What is there NOT to be excited about?!

The original DS was Nintendo’s attempt at getting attention from casual gamers and people who wouldn’t normally play, let alone buy games. The Wii was Nintendo’s attempt at furthering that expansion, but lacked significant third party support and focus on established gamers. The 3DS, on the other hand, is their attempt at moving back into “hardcore” territory while keeping the attention of casual gamers and finally unifying all gamers more closely.

Did you see the games announced? I sure did, and I sure want several of them. Naturally though, a couple of them are looking pretty laughable; I’m speaking of course about Ridge Racer (a port from iPod, ouch) and that baseball game (which looks like it’s nearly 15 years old).

Who else is excited? What are your thoughts?

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