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Hello to my one million fans! I can’t thank you enough for following in such huge numbers since I’ve started my site! One million… Who would have thought? For reference, I like to round up numbers to the nearest million; it’s just more convenient that way.

Anyways, back on subject. When I moved from my home town in Quebec to Calgary in Alberta, my beloved got me a cellphone at the closest Futureshop (there’s something like 5 or so in the city). The Motorola K1m, also known by its edgier name of K-RAZR (pronounced Krazor), I quickly found out was quite deceiving.

You may have seen those commercials on TV where a man and a woman fight in a subway station using razor sharp cellphones. That was the RAZR, but even the flashy kung fu fighting of that commercial couldn’t change the fact that cellphones become outdated in less time than it takes to say “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE NEXT MODEL IS ALREADY OUT?!”. I later found out that the RAZR doesn’t even have a feature as common nowadays as a music player, so I got the K-RAZR which is a slightly updated model which also features the ability to play music.

That’s when the trouble started. Playing music drains your phone’s battery; everything you do with your phone drains its battery to different levels, of course, but the drainage caused by listening to music on the K1m is nothing short of laughable, especially for a phone that prides itself on its ability to play music. It also doesn’t have an earphone or headset port, requiring you to either hunt for a headset that uses a mini USB (type A) port or an adapter to help you with that. Naturally, you could also use a bluetooth headset, but if you thought battery drainage was bad before, you’ll be in tears laughing hysterically over how quickly the phone dies when bluetooth is added to the mix.

Fast forward a year later, and my phone typically dies within half an hour of using it to, you know, call people. On full charge. Yeah.

Introducing the Nokia “You wish you were as good as me” E71. You know those Blackberries? It’s basically a Blackberry, but with the Nokia brand.

Powerful, slick, nicely designed and professional looking. But enough about me, let’s get back on subject. The Nokia E71 features a full keyboard, 10 shortcut keys, a decently sized screen, and a generally very well made design. One of its best advantages though is the wide variety of downloadable applications for its operating system, Symbian, compatible with Nokia phones that use it. In fact, I’m currently using WordMobi on my phone to type this right now! It even lets you switch programs on the fly without closing them, in an Alt+Tab sort of way.

From what I hear, its battery life (a big concern for me after my previous phone’s ridiculous one) is practically legendary. I’m not a big phone buff, but it lasts at least a week even though I listen to music a lot, use apps and the built in Internet browser, and even use bluetooth so I can chat with my buddies and family as well as my girlfriend wirelessly with the added bonus of looking like some crazy guy talking to himself.

Of course, I already do that without the need for a bluetooth device or a phone.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with my new phone. Admittedly, there’s more to it as well, but that’s mostly related to having switched to a better (albeit substantially more expensive) service provider.

(Originally written on June 20th, 2009)

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