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The following was a post I wrote in response to someone saying that Metroid: Other M was the best game in the series since Super Metroid, after a decade of un-Metroid-like First Person games.

Said decade of FPS Metroid was excellent because those games managed to perfectly capture the Metroid spirit despite the complete change of perspective and controls. While there’s no doubt in my mind that Team Ninja deserves some credit for trying a new approach to the series, they certainly didn’t capture the Metroid spirit nearly as well as they could have, despite Other M’s perspective essentially being just like the 2D Metroid games with some depth. Even though people would be right to point out that any change made to an established series is bound to attract some dissent, the fact is that changes made in Other M felt like change for the sake of change rather than something that takes the series further, from insignificant little changes like Samus’s beaty mark to overhauled mechanics like the way missiles are collected and refilled, and of course the atrocity that is Samus’s personification; having her talk a lot for the first time was a big gamble, but the fact that they completely misinterpreted her character ruined what could have been this game’s biggest and boldest characteristic.

Overall, Other M isn’t a bad game at all and it does some things very well, but it certainly isn’t a great Metroid game, let alone anything that compares to Super Metroid.

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