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The following dates from around the time of my Sengoku Musou 3 (Samurai Warriors 3) review and was written in response to the claims of some “fanboys”, when they kept complaining that the game shouldn’t be on Wii and that its exclusity to that system was only temporary. Basically, I ranted about fanboyism.

Indeed and that makes it an exclusive for the moment being, that’s how it works. Failing that, you might as well say that no game is exclusive simply because you never know. As I’ve already pointed out before however, it simply couldn’t be ported without its content being drastically altered, and that’s disregarding all the promotion that was done in tandem with Nintendo. In that regard, should Koei themselves completely change their minds about the direction they decided to take (which was Dynasty Warriors for PS3/360 and Samurai Warriors for Wii) and decide to drop their business plan for some reason, the game would be so different that it might as well have a different title. But hey, apparently facts don’t matter on GameFAQs so long as someone is butthurt about having “their” series “stolen” because, dammit, they’ll be damned if they actually have to buy another console to gain access to more games!

I know what it’s like. I really wanted Metal Gear Solid 4 but I didn’t want to pay a considerable sum for a PlayStation 3, plus I couldn’t really think of any other game I wanted for it at the time other than LittleBigPlanet, so I kept waiting and hoping for a port to the Xbox 360. Remember when it finally came? Neither do I, but that didn’t keep people from whining about it though.

“Oh, but that’s different!” Some may say, likely with rather lackluster language skills. “Metal Gear has always been on PlayStation!” No, I retort, holding my PC version of MGS2 and the GC-exclusive Twin Snakes, adding that the original Metal Gear games were for the MSX computer and that Konami is a third party company.

MGS4 never came to 360 though, so instead of whining about it and calling anyone who said that the game was likely not going to be ported a fanboy for stating facts, I did the only sensible thing besides simply passing up the game: I bought a PS3. Samurai Warriors 3, despite being the product of a company that generally ports most of their games, is also the product of a cooperation between them and Nintendo. Koei had basically no foothold in the Wii market and, being a third party company, they benefit heavily from having a hand in the market on each console. Samurai Warriors: Katana had already been published on Wii prior, so it only made sense for them to have this series stationed on Nintendo’s system to bring in more funds since Dynasty Warriors already has its place secured on 360 and PS3 (as well as on PC, to a smaller degree); it’s simple economics and simply a good idea on their part. Yes, they have actually stated that officially. Fellow MGS fans, remember when Hideo Kojima stated that MGS4 would be PS3 exclusive?

As a result of that cooperation, essentially half of the game is based on a Nintendo-owned property, Koei and them got publicity from each other, and arguably the most famous personality in gaming was even present to discuss the game, despite working for a first-party company. The game is even sold with Wii consoles in Japan and has its own branded Classic Controller PRO. The situation is clear: If you want to play the game that badly, you may just have to get a Wii. Failing that, nothing’s keeping you from waiting patiently just in case a port does come, but do take some facts in mind and realize that unless the game is heavily modified, chances of that happening are null, because you won’t see Master Chief on Wii, you won’t see Nathan Drake on 360, and you won’t see Takamaru on PS3 so long as the owners of those properties have something to say about it. Again, some sort of port isn’t impossible, but it would practically be a different game by that point and would go against Koei’s own business strategy.

*GASP!* Unthinkable! One couldn’t possibly own more than one console, let alone three! What of the war?!

There is no war. There’s competition, yes, that’s the nature of markets, but you’re not supposed to blindly take sides. Think about it; do you remember the last time you heard someone go on about how much more awesome a certain brand of tissues is compared to another purely because they like the brand? Do you also remember that same person then bashing another brand and buying another product from the one they like because they want them to win the war? Of course not, that’d be ridiculous; they’re only products manufactured by companies, and since they would like to make as much profit as possible, they “fight” to have as many customers they can. Your job as a customer is to buy whatever product satisfies your needs, not to argue about the product in question in some futile effort to… Actually, who knows what the point even is? Alienating other people?

A game came out for a console I didn’t own, so I got that console. Sure, I was annoyed and it hurt my wallet having to spend $400 for a new console just so I could play this one game, but you know what? I’m glad I did, because I found some good stuff on there. I gave LBP a try and liked it, later came Uncharted, and so on. Over time, I actually grew attached to my PS3, and you know why? Because I didn’t feel like I was forced to side with any company for some reason. It’s a good system and I’ve had lots of fun with it and still do today, my only complaint being that the library of games is too similar to the 360′s and that it somehow got stuck in an update error loop and required me to send it off to Sony; I got a new one back pretty quickly, but I wish I didn’t have to lose my save files in the process. I also enjoy playing bouts of GTA IV on my 360 when I get a chance to sit down for a good while, and playing Mario Galaxy on my Wii when I want some great 3D platforming action. I can also use all three as media servers when I feel like watching movies!

Unfortunately, you can’t have everything for free; if you want access to a larger library of titles, you’ll simply have to cope with the fact that it means owning more systems. My point is, it doesn’t even matter if you’re so hardcore that you think the Wii is for kids, the 360 is for Halo-tards or the PS3 has no games; if you bother looking hard enough, you’re sure to find at least something you’ll like. Just give it a try.

Well, first of all, you’re on a walkthrough website so I don’t see why you would find the above text long, all things considered. I’d post this in a new topic as some sort of editorial, but it’d probably be futile. It’s a non-issue for Wii owners and those of you who are open-minded enough already understand everything I explained above, while those who are dead set on hating a console at all costs simply won’t consider changing their mind no matter what. Bearing that in mind, all I can hope is that my words have some effect on a few people.

Cue the raging.

I should mention that, as of this writing, a Japan-only port to the PS3 was recently announced. While it does include a few extras, it also lacks Takamaru and the entire Mysterious Castle Murasame mode, effectively removing what could be considered half of the game.

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